Over the years, our team has worked hard to innovate and keep up to date with the latest and greatest trends in the shipping container market. While the container industry is bound by international standards (ISO), there are some variations in our container lineup that we want to make our customers aware of.

Different container sizes. We continue to offer the standard container sizes including the most popular 20’ and 40’ containers. For small space applications, we have an extensive lineup of 8’ 9’ and 10’ mini containers including a 10’ high cube variation. These are fantastic choices for customers with limited space but who require storage solutions. For clients without a real estate limitation, we offer up to 40’ and 45’ high cube regular containers. Whether our clients need just a little bit of extra storage or whole lot of it, we cover a wide range of shipping and storage needs.

Refrigerated and insulated units. Refrigerated shipping containers have a functioning heating and cooling unit that helps regulate the temperature inside the container. Insulated units on the other hand are decommissioned reefer units, ie. reefer containers without a functioning refrigeration unit. Refrigerated shipping containers are great for transporting / storing temperature-sensitive goods like food and medicine. We are especially proud of our brand-new reefer containers that are equipped with a Thermo King Magnum Plus refrigeration unit that can maintain a temperature between -40C and +30C. Not only that, but these units have a ton of extra features including a digital scroll compressor, aluminum flat floor, heavy duty sliding door curtain for better temperature control, interior lighting panic alarm with exterior siren and strobe (although we hope nobody finds themselves in need of it). They also include a 5-year warranty from Thermo King for the machinery.

Open side and side access shipping containers. For accessibility reasons, we have a series of 20’ and 40’ containers with side access. Whether you need to load large pieces of equipment or you need the help of a forklift to load and unload certain storage items, these containers have the standard container doors at the back of the container as well as doors that can open along the entire length of the container for maximum access. These are often the containers used for storage of chemical or hazardous goods. High cube options are also available for side opening containers.

Containers for transporting and storing dangerous goods. Our dangerous goods containers are the ultimate safe solution for transporting and storing dangerous materials. They come as a 20’ high cube container with an integrated spill basin in the floor sub structure, galvanized steel grates, drain valves, louvered vents and full side opening cargo doors. These containers were brilliantly engineered to contain spills and fumes from a variety of dangerous materials.

While some of these specialty containers can vary significantly in price point, they are here to serve very specific purposes, and they do so quite well. Our team is constantly customizing and manufacturing custom storage containers for customers and we customize our lineup based on customer need and demand. For example, we have recently added a 9’ mini container with door and window to our container offering because it is often requested by customers working in construction.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about any of the shipping containers in California or across US that we mentioned in this article, please give us a call at (951) 421-8516.

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