A brand new 40 foot high cube open sided shipping container is now available.

Please join us in welcoming a new member to our fleet of brand new shipping containers! The 40’ high cube open sided container was recently added to our lineup and it is now available for sale.

The outside of this container is built with CORTEN anti-corrosive steel and its floors are made with 19 ply Keruing-Apitong marine grade plywood. These materials are specially designed for building durable shipping containers that can withstand the harsh weather conditions of sea travel and benefit from a long-lasting life. Of course, like all the other containers we offer, this one is weather sealed and in cargo ready condition.

The container itself measures 40’ in length and 9’6” in height and can carry a payload of just over 40,000 lbs. It features 16 weatherproof vents that ventilate the entirety of the container to reduce moisture and prevent condensation from forming. The vents are strategically placed to allow air to flow throughout the container even if partitions are made inside it to create separate storage.

Each set of doors on the container comes with a secure lockbox to ensure the safety of your cargo. If you want to add even more security, we can easily add on puck lockboxes to you’re your container even more secure. Click here for more information about our puck lockboxes.

This 40’ open sided shipping container offers many benefits and is suitable for a lot of different applications. Take for instance the physical dimensions of this unit. Compared to our standard height 20’ open sided container, this new unit is twice as long and 1ft taller, which means it can fit larger sized items inside. Because of its design, it also makes it easy to partition different sections of its interior in a way that you can better organize your cargo storage.

What is arguably the greatest benefit of this container is that there is no need to load it front to back, as you normally would with regular containers. Because the entire side of the container is made up of 8 doors, it becomes simple to access individual partitions of the container. The side doors also make loading and unloading the container simple because it provides sufficient forklift access to load heavier items.

This container is great for storage and transportation, so if you’re interested to receive a quote, please click here. Please also keep in mind that for the month of June 2017, this container is part of our monthly promotional offer and is eligible to $100 off the purchase price when you buy a new unit.

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