If you’ve figured out you need a shipping container to meet your storage needs , you’re probably now faced with the choice of whether to rent or to buy one. Although this might not seem obvious at first, renting a container does have certain advantages over buying one.

Short term cost savings: if you only need a shipping container for a short period or indeterminate period of time, say a few months or a few years only, renting will definitely save you money. The cost associated with purchasing a new or used container can be more cost prohibitive, while rentals are charged on a monthly basis. Rentals are also ideal if your business is seasonal and you only require a container for certain months of the year.

Easy upgrades: if your storage needs change and you suddenly require a larger container, we make upgrading easy. Give us a call and we’ll set you up with a larger container in just minutes. Renting a container offers you the flexibility to choose a different size, add on another rental unit, etc for minimal incremental cost.

When you buy your container, you’re restricted to whatever size you bought. So if you suddenly need more space, you would have to buy another container, which will prove more expensive in the long term.

Easy transportation and relocation: we provide transportation services on all our rental boxes so you don’t have to worry about logistics.

Security: all of our rental containers come with secure lockboxes to protect your valuables. When you purchase a container, the lockbox will likely be an added modification, and thus expense, on your final bill to maximize security of your valuables

Same day or next day availability: because we own and maintain large quantities of all our inventory, we are able to provide you with quick deliveries.  Getting your storage solution is a quick phone call away.

Maintenance and appearance: all our rental units are standardized, look professional and blend in on most sites. Because you’re renting the containers, you also never have to worry about maintenance and repairs.

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