With home prices skyrocketing across the country, more and more Canadians (and also Americans) started looking for alternative building materials. Shipping containers are a popular choice for many thanks to their modular design, availability and pricing. Well, not so much anymore.

The supply of shipping containers has greatly diminished since the start of the pandemic and that has caused their prices to go through the roof. At the same time though, the prices of wood and other common construction materials has also gone up. Arguably speaking, shipping containers continue to be an alternative construction material for many.

Containers are a viable option for many who are building custom home gyms and training facilities, swimming pools, but also for businesses who build pop-up stores. We covered the pop-up store aspect of containers in several blog posts in the past but we will briefly touch up on some highlights. From a branding perspective, it is convenient for many businesses to build pop-up stores and transport them to various locations.

For home owners, shipping containers have also been a popular choice to building gyms, sheds and even swimming pools. Some of the benefits are the following:

– Accessibility: having a home gym no longer gives you an excuse to not work out as often as you’d like. And think also of all the cost savings! You’d no longer have to spend money on gas to commute to the gym or even membership fees. The convenience of having your own private space to workout in is unbeatable.

– Relaxation: being able to unwind in a swimming pool in the summer is many people’s favourite pastime. Even the idea of a shipping container swimming pool is a great conversation starter. Containers are a great choice for building swimming pools out of because of their modern looking appearance. Many people install windows or give the pool a custom colour scheme, ideas that are much easier to execute when building with containers vs. typical material.

– Overcrowding: everyone’s house has been messy at one point or another. Some people even have a tendency to hoard for a variety of reasons. Think about how much cleaner a house can be maintained if there exists a separate building in which storage takes place. An outdoor backyard shed can be the perfect solution for such a situation! A container shed takes next to no time to setup, but with a little bit of elbow grease and some patience, a unique and functional shed can be created.

– Styling: the biggest benefit to building with containers is the ability to customize the appearance of just about anything you’re building. Swimming pools can made into any shapes, sheds can be made as tall as government regulations allow, and gyms can be customizes for a variety of different workouts. Oftentimes, there is also the benefit that a container structure can be transported towards a new location should its owner move.

Whatever your purpose, Can Container Storage carries a variety of containers that can be customized to meet different applications. We offer customers the flexibility between building with new containers or used ones. We also offer containers with a variety of front, top or side openings, ideal for all kinds of uses. And let’s not forget, we can insulate and change the interior and appearance of any container to make it look like it belongs. We’re always excited to work with people who think outside the box, but choose to build with these metal boxes.

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