Other than customizing shipping containers and adding on a ton of cool features such as new paint jobs, roll-up doors and insulation, our team of container modification specialists spends a lot of time fixing and repairing damaged units.

Due to their variety of applications, containers can get all sorts of damages from job sites or even regular wear and tear. Depending on what the actual damages are, the containers can be easily repaired and used for a variety of different applications. In this blog article, we’d like to cover some of the most common container repairs and make a couple of suggestions on how to prolong the longevity of your shipping container.

Minor scratches, missing paint and minor dents

The most common and lowest difficulty of container repairs come from minor scratches, dents and scrapes. Again, because containers often spend a lot of time on job sites or even on the road, minor accidents can happen. This is nothing to be worried about though as the fix is fairly simple. Dents are not commonly fixed if they are minor however, larger dents can be banged out with hammer from inside to minimize their appearance. Scratches on the other hand, should be tended to with a little bit of touch-up paint. Even though the container metal has anti-corrosive properties, it is a good idea to cover any exposed metal with some spray-on touch-up paint.

Holes and other types of perforations

It happens sometimes that containers are experience damages that perforate the metal and diminish their weather-sealing qualities. In these cases, the repair depends on how significant the perforations are. Minor tears and pinholes and be welded together but larger gaps require a new panel to be replaced. This is still a pretty simple repair and it wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the container.

Regular maintenance

In order to properly upkeep any shipping container, we do a number of things to ensure their functional longevity. For example, we regularly grease the door hinges to prevent squeaking difficulty in opening doors. We also frequently replace the door seals to prevent drying and ensure the weather sealing qualities of the container are preserved.

We perform a number of these fixes to the used containers that come through our yards. The new, one-trip containers are obviously in near brand-new condition, but the used containers are often repaired in order to ensure their functionality.

We’d like to point out to the clearance containers that are often listed on our website. These units are available in limited quantities and are often sold as is. Some of them require more significant fixes than others but there are some great deals available. For clearance container availability, you can visit our website right here.



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